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Who Are Eligible?
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Your age should be between 30 days and 65 years. Renewal is up to 70 years old.

Your occupation is as defined below.


Occupations involving non-manual, administrative or clerical work - solely in office or similar non-hazardous places.

Occupations involving work of a supervisory nature or traveling outside office for business purposes but not engaging in manual labour.

Occupations involving occasional or regular manual work not particularly hazardous in nature but involving the use of tools or machinery (not using woodworking machinery).

Excluded Occupations

Divers, Police, Army/Military and Law Enforcement Officers, Aircraft Testers, Pilots, or Crews, Seamen and Sea Fisherman, Racing Drivers Jockeys, Oil Rig Workers, Sawyers, and Timber Logging Workers, Fireman, War Correspondents, Steeplejacks, Stevedores, Persons Engaged In Demolition of Buildings, Persons Engaged In Ambulance Services, Woodworking Machinists, Explosive Handlers, Underground Tunneling and Mining and Professional Sports Activities.


War, civil war, AIDS, childbirth, miscarriage, provoked murder or provoked assault, traveling as an aircraft crew, aerial activities, martial arts, racing, radiation and nuclear weapons material.