Road Warrior  
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1. Road Warrior
2. Driver and Passengers Benefits
3. Car Assistance Program
4. Table of Benefits and Premium
Table of Benefits and Premium
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Seating Capacity (including driver) Annual Premium
1 unit 2 units 3 units 4 units 5 units
4 seats RM50 RM95 RM135 RM175 RM215
5 seats RM60 RM114 RM162 RM210 RM258
6 seats RM70 RM133 RM189 RM245 RM300
Each additional seat RM8 RM15 RM21 RM27 RM33

Table of Benefits (Death/Permanent Disablement)
  Principal Sum Insured (Per Unit)  
Accidental Death - RM10,000-00 The aggregate of all losses payable in respect of any one accident shall not exceed RM10,000-00 (per unit) for any one person under this Section.
Loss of both hands of both feet - RM10,000-00
Loss of sight of both eyes - RM10,000-00
Loss of one eye and one hand - RM10,000-00
Loss of one eye and one foot - RM10,000-00
Total Paralysis (from the neck down) - RM10,000-00
Permanent Quadraplegia (loss or permanent total loss of use of four limbs) - RM10,000-00
Loss of one foot or one hand - RM5,000-00
Loss of sight of one eye - RM5,000-00
Insanity - RM5,000-00
Loss of four fingers and thumb in one hand - RM5,000-00
Loss of hearing of both ears - RM5,000-00
Loss of all toes - RM2,000-00
Loss of speech - RM5,000-00
Permanent Total Loss of use of member shall be treated as loss of member. Loss of speech shall mean total permanent inability to communicate verbally.