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Car Assistance Program
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by Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn Bhd

24 Hours Toll Free: 1-800-38-1138

  • Emergency Towing and Roadside Repairs
  • Car Replacement Assistance
  • Hotel Reservation Assistance
  • Referral To Nearest Service Centre
  • Referral To Nearest Hospital / Clinic

This Program offers you a very comprehensive range of services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in Malaysia. All you need to do is call the 24-hour Toll Free number to request the following services:

i) 24 Hours Emergency Towing and Minor Roadside Repairs *

This is the most important free-of-charge service offered by Asia Assistance. If your Named Vehicle is immobilised due to either breakdown or accident, the mechanic sent to assist you will try to repair your Named Vehicle on the spot. You will not be charged if labour costs incurred for such repairs do not exceed RM450-00.

If it is not possible to repair your Named Vehicle on the spot, the program will provide you with free towing of your Named Vehicle of up to 450km (roundtrip by the towtruck). You will only be charged RM1-00 per kilometer if the roundtrip exceeds 450km. You are given full flexibility where you want your Named Vehicle towed, either back to your home or to your own preferred workshop.

* Full benefits are given if your Named Vehicle is immobilised anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia excluding the Islands except for Penang, Langkawi and Labuan. In East Malaysia, this benefit will only be given if your Named Vehicle is immobilised within 25km of any city / major town in East Malaysia or along the Pan Borneo Highway.

ii) Car Replacement Assistance

Asia Assistance will also assist you to arrange for car rental, in the event you require urgent use of another car following breakdown or accident.

iii) Arrangement for Hotel Accommodation

If your Named Vehicle should breakdown or if you have an accident late at night when your family is with you (especially so with young children), you may need to spend a night in the area. Asia Assistance will solve your accommodation problems by assisting you to arrange for accommodation at the nearest possible hotel.

iv) Referral to Car Service Centres

Should you have problems in locating a Car Service Centre for either minor or major repairs, Asia Assistance can refer you to the nearest car service center or repairer. Asia Assistance can even make an appointment for you if you so wish.

v) Referral to Doctors and Hospitals

If you or any of your passengers should fall ill whilst on the road, and need to be medically attended to, Asia Assistance can refer you to the nearest hospital or clinic. This benefit is extended to 24 hours a day for the policyholder.

vi) Legal Assistance

Following an accident , you may want to seek legal assistance to help you ascertain your legal options. Another benefit of The Road Warrior Car Assistance Program is that Asia Assistance can assist by referring you to a local legal advisor should you need legal counselling.

vii) Emergency Message Transmission

In times of emergency, your journey will probably be delayed. This may cause unnecessary worry and anxiety to family members/relatives awaiting your arrival. Asia Assistance can assist you to keep your family members informed of your whereabouts in the event of an emergency.

All costs incurred in respect of section (ii) to (vi) shall be borne by the Insured, driver and/or passengers.

Some Exclusions: Driver not holding a valid driving license, cost of replacement of parts and components, Named Vehicle modified against government regulations, any commercial vehicle, strike, riot or civil commotion and Named Vehicle used for illegal purposes.

Eligibility: persons aged between 17 years to 70 years.