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Driver and Passengers Benefits
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A. Death/Permanent Disablement Benefit

Pays the principal sum in the event of accidental death and up to the amounts stated in the Table of Benefits for Permanent Disablement following an accident in the Named Vehicle. This benefit is also extended to cover the proposer 24 hours a day irrespective whether he/she is in the Named Vehicle or not.

B. Medical Expenses Benefit

Reimburses medical expenses up to RM1,000.00 including hospital room and board, clinical, medical and surgical treatment following an accident in the Named Vehicle.

C. Bereavement Benefit

In addition to all other payments, we will pay RM500.00 as bereavement allowance in the event of death of the driver and / or passengers as a result of an accident in the Named Vehicle.

D. Double Indemnity Benefit

Pays doubles the principal sum if the driver and/or passengers suffer either permanent quadraplegia or permanent total paralysis from the neck down or death if the accident involving the Named Vehicle occurs during a nationwide public holiday.

E. Corrective Cosmetic Surgery Benefit

On top of paying medical expenses, we will also pay up to RM1,000.00 for additional expenses incurred for corrective surgical operations to the neck and head following an accident in the Named Vehicle.

F. Hospital Income Benefit

A daily benefit of RM30.00 (up to a maximum of 60 days) is payable to the driver and/or passengers for the period of hospitalisation as a result of an accident in the Named Vehicle.

Note: Children between ages 15 days to 15 years are entitled to 50% of the benefits hereinabove. Persons above the age of 70 years are excluded from cover.

Some Exclusions: War, civil war, suicide, childbirth, miscarriage, insanity (unless caused solely and directly by accidental means to the driver and/or passenger(s) while driving, riding, alighting or boarding the Named Vehicle), illness, under influence of drugs, vehicle used for hire, racing, pacemaking or illegal business pursuit and driver not holding a valid driving licence.