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Why you need "The Road Warrior"?

The High Accident Rates

It is not uncommon for some of us to spend between 2 to 4 hours on the road every day. That works out to between 12% to 25% of the total time that we are awake! These figures of course do not take into account the times when our cars breakdown or when we are unfortunate enough to meet with an accident. It is a sad fact that the total number of road accidents in Malaysia exceeded 223,000* in 1999. On the average, 16*persons died from these road accidents, every single day in 1999, let alone the even higher numbers who have suffered injury or disablement.

When The Unexpected Happens

On a lighter note, each of us driving a car would have experienced some form of a breakdown before, be its punctured tyres, batteries gone 'kaput' or some form of irritating mechanical failure. While we don't lose life or limb in such circumstance, imagine the inconvenience when we do suffer such a breakdown either on the highway or in some remote place. Within a blink of an eye, three towtruck operators (maybe more) will appear as if by magic. You probably would not want to be at their mercy but without protection, what choice do you have?

The Road Warrior Comes To Your Rescue

At Allianz, we recognise and understand the needs of private car owners and the problems they face. Not by magic but more of careful planning and design, Allianz has conceived The Road Warrior. The Road Warrior offers a very wide scope of protection and has been designed to provide people like you with peace of mind. Besides covering you and your passengers with Personal Accident and a host of other insurance benefits, The Road Warrior also provides you with a 24 hours Car Assistance Program absolutely free. The Car Assistance program is organised by Allianz in collaboration with Asia Assistance, which is the marketing and operating arm of Europ Assistance in Malaysia. Europ Assistance is one of the largest assistance companies in Europe. Asia Assistance has engaged a select panel of reliable towtruck operators located throughout Malaysia to render assistance to you. In times of breakdown or accident anywhere in Malaysia, you can rest assured reliable assistance will be on its way.

*Source : Cawangan Trafik Bukit Aman