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The best choice of long term health insurance protection

Good medical treatments can be very expensive! Can we avoid illnesses and injuries? The question is whether these are within our control. The fact is, as time goes by more people are getting admitted into hospitals due to illnesses or injuries. Many are caused by the environmental pollution, new diseases and also our unhealthy lifestyles. In Malaysia, the principal causes of hospitalization have been accidents, diseases of the heart and circulatory systems, diseases of the respiratory systems and cancers. There were 279,337 road accidents reported in year 2002, 5% more than the previous year. It was reported in the major newspapers recently that one out of four Malaysians would get some kind of cancer during his/her life time! To be cured and able to survive depends not only on how early the cancer was detected but also whether he/she has the money to seek for the treatment. Purchasing the right health insurance policy from an established insurance company is obviously one of the best solutions.

Allianz General Insurance Malaysia Bhd offers you M Power 2 Type R, a quality Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance Policy that guarantees you a very comprehensive health protection up to age 65 years old. M Power 2 Type R offers you a medical card to let you enjoy the convenience of the Cashless System so that you or your loved ones can seek treatment from any of the participating hospitals without having to pay for the cost of the hospitalization and treatments except for the contribution and excess charges. We have nominated Asia Assistance (M) Sdn Bhd to manage this cashless admission and discharge facility. You can access to Asia Assistance’s 24-hour toll free 1-800-88-1138 helpline at any time.