MPower (7.2003)  
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1. MPower (7.2003)
2. Benefits
3. Annual Premium
4. Optional Cover
5. Pre-Existing Conditions
6. Frequently Asked Questions
7. Exclusions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Do I really need this plan?

A: Yes, because hospital costs can be substantial and could wipe out your precious savings. The last thing you want to worry about when you go to a hospital is money!

Q: Upon submission of the proposal form, when does my cover begin?

A: From the day your proposal form is approved.

Q: Is the policy subject to a waiting period?

A: Yes, there is a 30 days waiting period from the effective date of the policy, unless hospitalisation is due to an accident.

Q: Does the 30 day waiting period apply if I renew my M POWER Insurance Policy?

A: No.

Q: Is there a limit as to how much I can claim?

A: You may claim up to the Overall Annual Limit under the chosen plan.

Q: Can I upgrade my Plan anytime?

A: Yes, you may. However, any request to upgrade will be subjected to the terms & conditions set by the Company including “Upgrading Clause”.

Q: What is the claim procedure?

A: Just call toll free 1-800-881138.