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Spiralling Cost Of Medical Care

The last thing you should worry about when you or your loved one is hospitalised due to an accident or an illness, is the bill! Your headache may even begin before actual admission to a hospital as you may have to contend with cash deposits and financial guarantees. It is therefore imperative that you take time to plan for the security of your family’s health.

With private medical costs spiralling ever upwards, it is really now a necessity for you to have a health insurance policy to protect your family. Who knows when an unforeseen and unfortunate accident or illness may befall you or any one of your family members? It is both wise and prudent to have protection before such an event happens!

M POWER is a powerful and comprehensive Hospital and Surgical Policy which fully caters for you and your family’s health protection needs. M POWER provides extensive coverage in medical, surgical, hospital costs, ambulance fees and other related medical charges. In addition M POWER comes with full benefits of the cashless system, made possible by Allianz’s collaboration with Asia Assistance (M) Sdn Bhd, whom we have nominated as our Managed Care Organisation (MCO). Each Insured Person will automatically be enrolled as a member of Asia Assistance and will receive a M POWER medical card. Asia Assistance will maintain a 24 Hours Helpline to facilitate cashless admissions to all participating local hospitals in Malaysia. The M POWER medical card can also facilitate your admission and discharge from participating hospitals within the Asia Pacific Region. In rendering cashless admission of the Insured Person into a participating hospital, the MCO’s liability shall be limited to RM2,500.00. All you need to do is to use the M POWER medical card for immediate hospital admission, and on discharge, you only need to settle the excess charges, if any. You will be free from the usual hassle of submitting claims to the Insurance Company. All this adds up to a hassle-free, comprehensive health protection package for you and your family.