Workmen's Compensation  
In accordance with the Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance and at Common Law an employer is required to effect such insurance to pay compensation to a workman who sustains bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the course of his employment. The policy is issued to comply with the requirements under the Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance 1952. The law lays down scales of compensation which an employer is legally obliged to pay this workmen who have sustained injuries/diseases in the course of employment.

A workman has the option of either seeking relief or compensation under the Ordinance or under Common Law. He CANNOT, however elect to claim both.

Compensation under the Ordinance is payable regardless of who is negligent.

Definition of Workmen

Workmen means any person who has entered into or works under a contract of service or of apprenticeship with an employer whether by way of manual labour or otherwise.

In Malaysia, a foreigner example Bangladeshi or Indonesian etc. who is termed. ‘Workmen’ is compulsory for the employer to purchase ‘Foreign Worker Compensation’ Policy.