Plate Glass Insurance  
Glass Insurance is probably one of the least advertised insurances in an insurer’s portfolio

It is less often seen as a ‘one-off’ policy

The adverse trend in theft, arson and more general malicious damage and the advancement in use of high technology glass has increased the awareness to insure against glass damage

The policy covers breakage of any glass (including any writing or ornamentation thereon if included) to the extent of the market value of the glass


  • Breakages arising out of earthquake, volcanic eruption or war risks.
  • Breakages arising during removal or alteration to premises.
  • Frames or frameworks or cost of removal of any fittings, fixtures or other obstructions.
  • Interruption or delay or loss of business or damage of any kind during the time between occurrence of breakage and replacement of glass.
  • Cracked or imperfect glass unless specifically declared.