Business Interruption Insurance  
The fire policy only covers physical loss or damage to the property insured but does not cover loss of profit arising from such physical damage. As a result of the loss or damage to the physical assets, the Insured is unable to carry out its planned level of business, thus leading to a fall in gross profits.

The policy is designed to cover during the period of interruption:

  • CONTINUING OVERHEAD EXPENSES which have to be met out of reduced earnings such as rent, taxes, interest on debentures, mortgages and loans.
  • INCREASE IN COST OF WORKING necessarily incurred to overcome or to minimise the effects of damage upon the business such as renting of temporary premises, hiring of machinery or extra labour costs.
  • WAGES of employees not gainfully employed during the interruption period and payments to employees whose services are no longer required.

Apart from the policy period, there is also the indemnity period which is the maximum length of time likely to elapse before the loss or damage can be reinstated and the earnings of the business restored to their pre-loss situation.

The sum insured should represent the estimated annual gross profit and correspondingly be increased if the indemnity period is more than twelve months giving due consideration for variations and trends.

To encourage adequate cover at all times, up to 50% rebate of premium is allowed if the estimated profit levels are not achieved.