Burglary Insurance  
The policy affords cover loss of or damage to property as a result of theft accompanied by actual, forcible and violent entry into or out of the premises including armed hold-up.

Damage to premises due to such theft or attempt thereat is also covered.

Cover may be arranged on the basis of: -

  • Full Value Basis - Where all your assets and/or property most susceptible to loss or damage by burglary are insured, or
  • First Loss Basis - Where the Sum Insured is an estimate of the maximum probable loss in the event of any one burglary attempt.

The demand for Burglary Insurance has risen extensively for the last 5 years due to the increased level of crime.

The increasing crime rate and the upwards trend in industrial thefts suggests that all commercial risks warrant a certain level of security.

This could range from the minimum securities of installing grille at all openings (i.e. door, window, roof, air-well, rubbish chute), locked with reliable padlocks, lighting front and rear portion of premise for the lowest range of risks and low Sum Insured.

Medium risk with higher sum insured need minimum securities as mentioned above supplemented by installing Burglar’s Alarm.

High risk, or bad claim experience, risk in theft-proned or isolated area, and/or high sum insured should link the Burglar’s Alarm to Central Monitoring Service via GSM (wireless telephone line).