All Risks  
There are two types of cover.
  • Wide Cover - This policy covers against loss or damage to the property insured by any accident or misfortune unless specifically excluded in the policy. Premium is much higher.
  • Restricted Cover - This policy covers against loss or damage to property insured on named perils basis. Premium is cheaper.

The types of property that can be covered: -

  • Commercial or Industrial machinery of any kind.
  • Must be stationary & not moveable.

Commercial Equipment

  • Office machinery
  • Electrical, scientific equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Survey equipment
  • Medical equipment

Industrial Equipment

  • All types of factory machinery


  • Wear & tear, gradual deterioration, any process of cleaning, dyeing, restoring, repairing or renovation.
  • Mechanical derangement or defects
  • Scratching or denting
  • Cracking or breakage of brittle articles.
  • Deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, cheques, money, medals etc.